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EMSys is a SaaS solution that provides organizations with tools for managing sustainability, energy economics, reliability, benchmarking, and energy efficiency. By incorporating SourceOne’s engineering, finance, and business process expertise into a web-based software, EMSys helps organizations optimize their energy utilization, accelerate energy cost recovery, and base forecasting and planning on precise consumption data.

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EMSys helps organizations identify and manage their GHG emissions, supporting energy conservation initiatives and sustainability programs.


EMSys helps organizations maintain continuity and reliability in energy delivery through performance transparency, insight into consumption patterns, and validation of portfolio asset performance.

Energy Efficiency

EMSys helps organizations optimize energy consumption across their portfolios and drive energy efficiency practices and methodologies, throughclear and detailed measurement and performance verification.

Energy Economics

EMSys provides organizations with valuable tools to facilitate cost recovery, cost allocation, and budget planning. Representing a synthesis of engineering, financial, and business expertise with the latest software technology, EMsys provides organizations with the ability to forecast and allocate precise costs across their portfolio.


EMSys provides key tools for managers and owners to benchmark consumption, identify key performance indicators, and implement energy management best practices.